Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharing the Love at the Sterling House

This morning we went to visit our grandma and grandpa friends at the Sterling House. 
We talked with them for a few minutes and then handed out the Valentines we made for them last week.


The kids were really sweet with them (I think they are feeling more comfortable there). 

And the residents are so adorable! This lady got the Valentine that Jolie made last week. Jolie, age 2, loved the foam stickers and stacked a whole bunch on top of each other.  In a sweet voice, this lady said, "I think I can fix this a little and it will look good hanging on my wall." 

Zoe's fourth grade class made some cards too.  

We handed them out and as we made our second round, some of the residents gave the kids a Valentine...the ones we gave them the first round!
 I love taking Hadley.  All the residents adore her.  They say she is like a little doll and they love her hair, and many ask to hold her.

 The residents shared Ring Pops with the kids.  YUM!

 They sang "You Are My Sunshine" to us, and we sang "Jesus Loves Me" to them.

Brewer was telling Cole secrets.  I'm not sure what that was all about.

At one point Brewer got a little close with his "secret telling" and touched his lips to Cole's cheek.  A couple of the lady residents thought it was adorable and said, "Aww, they love each other!"  Cole just wiped his cheek and said, "Brewer's lips are sticky."

To end our time there, Liz played some music on her phone and the kids danced. 
Cal impressed us with some mad break dance moves. 
 Most of the residents weren't sure what to think about that!

Cole and Brewer sat by the front door, eating their Ring Pops while the others danced.
 We tried to get a group picture before we left, but it was hard to get our group and the residents to cooperate!

 I always love going to the Sterling House.  The people there are so sweet and I always leave laughing!

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