Saturday, November 30, 2013


Thanksgiving break Judd and Charity came to Owasso and spent the night.

They skipped school and we all went over to watch Zoe play volleyball against the teachers. 

I think she loved it that we were there, but she never actually got her hands on the ball.

We checked the kids out a little early and hung out at Bud and Michelle's house.

Zoe just wants to snuggle and love on Nana for about the first 30 minutes that they are together.

Then Nana went home with Hayden and Charity and Judd spent the night.  The girls played dress up for a little while.

Then Charity and I took Zoe to her last dance class at Rhythmic Notions. She starts at the Claremore dance studio next month.

Charity and I watched some and hung out in the car some too.

Charity cheered for Zoe through the glass.  It was adorable.
When we got home the boys were playing the Kindles in the Thomas tent.

Then Zoe helped Char with her make up work from school.
Cole and Judd relaxed and watched TV.

As long as the boys had electronics they were pretty calm!

Then all four kids wrote notes to each other and passed them around.

Judd's note was my favorite!

On Wednesday we took the kids back to Seneca. 
 Cole and Papa played dominoes and ate oatmeal pies.

Nana and Zoe looked for great Christmas gifts online.

Boston came over and all three boys hung out on the couch for a while.

They are too cute!

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