Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daniel in the Lions' Den (or Shark Tank)

I read about Daniel and the lions to the boys and Hadley.  Then we made lion cookies.Except Brewer said he wanted to make a shark instead of a lion.  
They didn't turn out exactly like the picture in the cookbook.
Grayson said his was a three-eyed monster.
 And this is Brewer's shark.
 Hadley mostly just enjoyed eating the cookie, not decorating it.

 Then she had a cookie mishap.  I heard her say, "Uh Oh, Cookie!"
 I think she still ate it even though it scattered across the floor.
 We also made footprint ghosts, ate some pizza, and played.

This is Hadley's little ghost.  Cole refused to do it because he was "scared".  
 I'm afraid my "home preschooling" is turning him into a wimpy Mama's boy.

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