Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Break

Last week Zoe was on Fall Break and Brad took off work, so we went to my favorite travel destination...Seneca! We surprised Judd and Taya at lunch.  Taya nearly took Zoe to the floor hugging her.  Judd didn't seem too excited.  He just asked, "Where's Cole?"  I loved seeing all my teacher friends and the kids!
We also got to see Tripp.  He showed off some of his new tricks.  ADORABLE!

We mostly hung out at Nana and Papa's.
Friday Bud and Hadley came (Michelle and the other 3 went to Columbia).
We went to see Grandpa Boots!  My other cousins will remember how we always sat on this side of Grandpa's lap.  LOVE THIS GUY!
He's 90 and still walks to the mailbox (which is a pretty good distance).  Zoe went with him this time.
Taya hung out with us all day Friday.  The girls had fun.  
Brad was able to see his friend Tony and some people from SMB.  He really enjoyed his day.  Zoe went to the football game with the Kings and we all hung out some more and ate too much!

When Bud went home at the end of the day Friday, but he forgot a couple of things at Mom and Dad's.  Hadley's shirt...
and their dog.
Zoe realized it about 20 minutes after Bud left, but he didn't answer his phone until he was almost home.  Hmm...
Zoe was happy and Judd and Charity wanted to keep her.

Both dogs slept with Zoe that night.Then we took Cookie back home on Saturday.  
As we were pulling into Owasso, Cookie puked in our car.  Gross.

I always love staying the night and hanging out in Seneca.  Brad teases that I would love it if we all just lived together.  I actually would...Brad, not so much!

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