Friday, October 26, 2012

Trying to Teach Cole

 I guess Cole doesn't realize that I'm a certified teacher.
 He likes doing "school work", but doesn't always believe I'm right.  He often argues with me.
 He nearly had me convinced that "flowers" started with a V.  Mostly, because I was tired of arguing with him.
 The other day he was standing at the top of a rocky slope and started to jump.  I told him not to do it because he would probably fall.  He squatted down and I could tell he was thinking about it.  Pretty soon, he leaped and fell and scraped up his leg.  The whole time he was crying, he kept saying, "Next time I'll listen to you, Mom."  Several bandaids later, he felt a little better.  I think he also forgot that he was going to listen to me.
 Wednesday we went to the zoo, just the two of us.  It was fun.
 The playground and the train are still his favorite parts of the zoo.
He's only mildly amused by the animals there.

 I had to make him leave the playground to watch the sea lion show.  I thought it was really great.

Cole wasn't as impressed.

So we went  back to the playground.

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