Friday, September 23, 2011

Best Job Ever!

I am LOVING staying at home with Cole. Today was such a great day. It may not sound like much but I just kept thinking all day how lucky I am. First we dropped Zoe, Hayden and Bomber off at school (did I mention school doesn't start until 9:00). Then we went to the "cycle" as Cole calls it. He loves the recycling center. He gets out and puts the boxes and newspapers in the right bins.
I love having time to let him get out and do these things. I'm not in a rush constantly so I can talk to him about everything we're doing.
Then we went to the post office and he checked the mail. On the way out he held the door open for an elderly lady. We're working on being kind to strangers. Those of you who know him know he's not friendly (that's saying it politely).
We went to Wal-Mart and talked about different vegetables. We spent some time at home then I went to help Zoe's class make fossils. It's so fun to be the stay at home mom that gets to help in the classroom. At the last minute Cole decided to stay with Uncle Bud instead of going with me to Zoe's school. That may have been for the best!
What a great day!!

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