Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick Visit to Seneca

Tuesday I dropped Zoe, Hayden, and Bomber off at school and Cole and I headed to Seneca. Cole was really excited to see Nan and Pops and they were just as excited to see him.
Pops (that's what Cole's started calling him) and Cole spent the whole day together reading and playing. I think Pops is his best friend. Mom has been busy working on Judd's room. Hopefully he'll be here in a couple of months. Tiffany and Tina have been helping. Tina painted these cute airplanes on his wall. She's not quite finished. They're painting Judd's name on the yellow flag. It's going to be really cute.She moved Charity's room down by the living room. It is adorable. It looks like a dorm room.
The white cabinet is her closet. Cute huh?
I picked Char up from school. She was excited to see me, but immediately asked "Where's Cole?" They hung out in her new room and played outside too.
Cole's been adjusting much better lately. He's been having fun with his cousins here in Owasso. I still think his favorite place is Nan and Pops' house though. It was a little better this time. When it was time to leave I had to chase him down the street and he said he wasn't leaving, but once I caught him he didn't cry. He was asleep before we got out of Seneca.
I had so much fun visiting with Mom and Dad and Tiffany and Tina. I was especially excited that Steph got to come and share pictures and stories about her trip to Africa. I wish I could have been there with her. What a trip! I miss her so much and love her to death.
Mom sent home food for us including homemade pound cake. It was so good! I shared some with Hads and now I am officially her favorite person. Give me a few more months hanging out with her and I'll chub her up!
Of course Charity had to send something too, so she sent pop tarts. They were a huge hit this morning. All the kids had one and thought it was quite the treat. Thanks Char!

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  1. Do you think Cole would like me half as much as Papa if I never removed my work makeup? I'll do it, for him.