Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve at Meme's

We had Christmas at Meme's yesterday.  It was fun hanging out with everyone.
We haven't seen Rob's little girl in a while and she has really changed!  She just turned 2 and talks so well!  She LOVED Zoe.
Uncle Mick and Meme took the kids walking in the woods.  They thought that was a lot of fun.

Every year we get really cute pictures of Lance and Zoe.  This was the first year they were weird about it.  I don't like them growing up!
Sydney is a little dare devil.  She kept having Mick throw her in the air.

The higher the better and she would yell, "Again, again!"

The kids got lots of great presents.

Papa Eldon got Zoe a little gift.  It's a joke that goes back to when we went out to eat and Zoe ordered chicken rings.  Eldon kept teasing her that they were chicken butts.
Somewhere he found chapstick named "Chicken Poop".  No, it's not actually made of poop, but Zoe didn't know that.
Eldon told her if a boy ever wants to kiss her, she needs to pull out her "Chicken Poop" chapstick and say, Just a minute, let me put on my lip gloss first.  I kind of like that idea!

We had a great meal and desserts!

Pat gave a nice toast and actually teared up.

It was a fun day with family!

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