Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas With Cousins

We celebrated Christmas with Bud and Michelle on Friday.  We unwrapped presents, made cookies, and had a great meal.  

Bud wrapped Cole's presents in Thomas paper so he's been dying to open them for several weeks.

He wasn't disappointed.  He got a Hero of the Rails movie, book, and train.  When we lived with the Hodges he watched that movie over and over on Netflix.  He loved it!
Michelle got "kid wine" and they loved it.

They tapped their glasses together and yelled, "to Jesus!"
We also took treats around to the neighbors.  Mrs. Husky was so adorable.  She loves all the kids.
We decided to wear our pajamas, except Charity.  She dressed herself as a fairy.
Her mom would probably die, but since she's in Taiwan, and I'm in charge, she wore whatever she wanted.
Michelle thinks Hadley is a twerp, but she's my favorite.  I mean, come on, look at how adorable she is!

Anytime we get together it is completely crazy, but it's always fun!

Don't worry, these cookies didn't got to anyone, but Santa.  I love the picture below when Zoe realized Bomber was drinking the sprinkles.
Zoe might need some anti-anxiety medicine before all the kids are grown!

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