Friday, December 30, 2011

Judd is Here!

We met Mom, Dad, Blake, and Judd at the airport Wednesday night.  Zoe, Cole, and I came home with them because it was just SO exciting.  It was so great to see them and Judd is absolutely adorable.  He just fit right in.  He let us take lots of pictures and didn't mind all the crazy people talking to him and hugging him.  He doesn't speak English, but communicates with us by pointing.  He already knows all our names.  Mom, Dad, and Blake really don't seem as tired as I thought they would.  We are having our Christmas with them tomorrow.  I'm sure it will catch up with them soon.  I will post more pictures and stories when I get home.  Right now I'm just loving on Judd and enjoying my family.  Thank you all for your prayers and sweet comments.  It's so amazing to know how many people truly care about our family and this little addition to it.

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