Monday, December 26, 2011

Incredible Baby Corn

Brad had the day off today so we took the kids to Incredible Pizza.  Charity was convinced it wouldn't be as good as Chuck E. Cheese's.  Her reason, Chuck E. Cheese's has great baby corn on their salad bar.
We got there and found out that Incredible Pizza also has baby corn.  After the good meal and fun games she decided she did like Incredible Pizza.  She ate 2 plates of this salad stuff for lunch.
We had fun playing games and then Cole wanted to ride the go karts.  Charity was really nervous about me driving him.  She kept insisting it wasn't safe.  She asked Brad to please take him instead.  When that didn't work she told me she would take him.  Seriously?

Charity and Zoe played miniature golf.
Cole tried too.
It wasn't very safe to stand anywhere around Charity or Zoe when they were hitting the ball.  I had to chase a few balls across the course.

We played lots of games and collected about 140 tickets.

This is what you can get with 140 tickets.
It was all you could eat and you could go back whenever you wanted.  Before we left we went back for dessert.  We had cinnamon roles, dessert pizza, pudding, and...

Charity had more baby corn.

Brad was telling Charity that the boy on this picture was so excited because of the baby corn at Incredible Pizza.  We thought we had finally convinced her that it was better than Chuck E. Cheese's.
After we were home a while she said, "Maybe Bud will take me to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow."

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