Friday, December 9, 2011

Date Night With Daddy

Stone Canyon Elementary had a Daddy Daughter Dance tonight.
We got ready at Hayden's house. I did the girls' hair and Michelle did their make-up. They were acting like little teenagers. Kind of scary!
They looked so pretty.
Zoe made the comment while we were getting ready, "Daddy is only going tonight for me. I know he doesn't want to go." Then she added, "I didn't make him go or anything, he just wants to for me."
Brad really doesn't like these things, but he was a good sport.
I did give him a hard time for not opening her car door.
Macy's mom sent me these pictures from the dance. This is Hayden and her first grader, Mallory.
This is Zoe and her good friend, Macy. I think they all just danced together.
She said it was a lot of fun!

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