Monday, December 5, 2011

Cole's 3

Cole celebrated his 3rd birthday at Steph's. She got him Thomas cupcakes. He didn't blow out candles at his birthday party, but I guess he did with Steph.
I asked him some questions and these were his answers:
Favorite thing: Thomas the Train

Favorite train: Thomas and Duncan, "What's your favorite mom?"

Favorite thing to eat: hotdogs

Favorite thing to drink: milk and water

Who's your favorite person?: "Mr. Slinger"
(That's the teacher in the book "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse". I really thought Papa was his favorite person)

Favorite friend "Bomber, Brewer's not my best, best friend. Only Bomber"

Who do you like to spend the night with?: Mom

Who will you marry?: Mom

Favorite book "Green Train, Blue Train"

When you grow up where do you want to work?:
"I want to go with you to Aunt Shell's work on t.v."

What do you like to do with Zoe? "Go to dance"

What's something you have fun doing?: "I like to play trains"

Who do you like to play trains with?: Bomber and Brewer

What's something that makes you laugh?: "a train"

What's something that makes you scared?: "monsters, I hide from the monsters"

What's something that makes you cry?: "When I cry, I want Daddy to help me up"

What's something that makes you mad? "The computer" (I know that feeling)

What do you want to do when you're 3? "Play at school"

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  1. I love him! We had fun yesterday. He was chatty and in a great mood. I will say that I think his career aspirations could be a little awkward... for you, too. However, I'll support him in that endeavor.